Thursday, December 7, 2006

Another Blog, Another Day

It's oh so quiet... The jury's in... These white girls CAN, so how do I get them to do it ALL of the time? How are we going to fully utilize this space. El-Producto song of the week: "Stepfather Factory". ...

Thursday, November 30, 2006


There is a lot of heat that is being spread around these parts these days: a scattering of focus and low-level hum. This Always Disturbs me. With the Dummy show there are few things that should be in doubt (not to say that people are doubting the show. It is THE AFTER that is disturbing. When we are preparing for a CONCERT show the music is EVErytHING. tHE THUMP OF bASS. the reverb of certain sonG. The Way the pIECE oPENS. tHE ENERGY is Never in question. I listen to El-P everyday and the interestiing thing about HIS sound is that hE never deviates from convincing THE listener thaT the Point he is MaKing is DEarest to His Heart at the TiME! What is nearest and dearest to me is proving that dance has the potential to change peoples lives--to show that thed possibilities are closer to endless than one might think. I want that energy in DESTRUCTIBLEDAYTRIP--NOTHING LESS WILL BE SETTLED FOR. I LIKE TO SAY THAT I CARE AND I DO. THIS HAS TO BE THE SHOW THAT PROVES WE ALL DO!! THIS SHOW MUST CHANGE THE WORLD. BUT FIRST I NEED A *BLOGGIN* TABLE.

tHINGS i also Need:

A new Brain
An amp
A single red pill
the answers to this upcoming test
I love so much about El-p that I need to step back and find what is "most accessible to others in his music.
More of the instrumentals (am I missing any?)
To find out if he plans to put out a solo album anytime soon.
dECIDE WHAT This show will be about.

Ciao for now. gOTTA GET TO BED.

PS If I haven't slept yet it is still the same day. Keep that in mind.

One love. Kyle

Thursday, November 23, 2006

Blog in my Throat

:) Happy Massacre A People Day. Helped out at Sarah's Circle Women's Center with Marissa yesterday handing out Turkey's like Nino Brown. I had a fantastic time talking with the women there. I don't consider myself a man who takes much ...

Thursday, November 16, 2006

Blog Like A Mofo!

Today's question: Why "Destructibledaytrip"? The title of this show is obviously a rush job; we needed a title quickly and this lyric, belonging to Aesop Rock from the Fantastic Damage track, Delorean stuck out in my mind. ...

Thursday, November 9, 2006

Blog, Part Trois!

So I get it!! The three shows of the year progress from the very realistic (KTF) to the expressionistic (Tiger Prawn...) to the abstract (Destructible...). Reminds me of Kandinsky THE FATHER OF ABSTRACT ART. there is something to be ...

Thursday, November 2, 2006

Blog the second!!!

This Week won't die!!!!! I spent the first half of the week in Tampa at a conference on sexual assault education with my colleagues from Sex Signals. Got back at around eleven thirty to wake up the next day for voice over coaching a nd Rehearse after that. I am Wiped. Like Crazy Wiped. Forgive me if I don't make much sense. I am now aware that this blogging thing will be more difficult than previously considered. fatigue and travel can make it hard to sit still and organize my thoughts. FUDGE, This is gonna suck

Show will be super-hot. I can actually see it in my head. The problems stem from getting a group of performers invested in a new way of moving.
Also, I really want some creative ways to use the space. There are more options than we think.
Things to remember:
I do REALLY want to mix the sound by hand. Got most of his stuff on vinyl, including the High Water Sessions.
No amp for these tables though... Hell, there's no table for these tables.
Gotta get on that.
What is this show gonna be about? I know it's my show but I should definitely figure that out for myself.
Is everyone up to learning hip hop movement?
Definitely wanna do some stuff from FanDam but wondering if anything new will come along. It's been quite a while since He's done his thing. There is a buzz about him dropping a new one but that's just a buzz.

That's All I gots. Need sleep.

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Blog, the 1st Welcome, Friends to the lamest show on earth: the....

Blog, the 1st Welcome, Friends to the lamest show on earth: the creative process. I would be lying if I declared the creative process to be consistently magic and epiphanic for me. It’s not. Most of the time it is filled with doodles or ...