Thursday, June 28, 2007

Preview Blog

Okay, So, TP opens tomorrow. I think I have spent more time stressed tahn ever imagined. It is a good show though. Considering for the most part This show is all me, I am glad to see the cast taking it as their own and playing and enjoying themselves all the way. "Been a long time coming."
There is a TON of buzz about this show right now. Let us hope I have a good monday.

Since this show is essentially set (and I mean essentially), I want to start choreographing DDT this saturday just to get into it (LIKE A SEX MACHINE) Probably start with truancy (Which I totally forgot in my last list.) total pop and lock piece only sexier. Either that or Intrigue... or Something is wrong. Let me look at the other blogs and figure it out.

New List.
Shoes or No shoes?
Lazerfaces' Finale
Traffic Cone stealing/set?
Lobby art work (stencils)
Get music to Dice.
Remember the lackluster reception to TOJ
Steal the bacon (you'll get it one day)
can I get a wall to "publicize" on?
Remember to turn Page's out!!!
Some Audition Material will be from "DDT"
Girls and boys pieces in show.
Need more Boys.

That's the biz for the day, folks. Heade out and about to handle business for tonight's preview. Come see the show. It's beautiful... Daytrip will be prettier.

Friday, June 22, 2007

Last Blog of Spring (or first of Summer)

Heard El-P at a bar today. first time hearing him in a public venue outside of a concert. TPC!! I'm on the Tasmanian Pain Coaster right now. A lot to do on this (Tiger Prawn) show with little time. Let me get to it. Might be a little sloopy since I am on three hours sleep each day for the last 5.

Can't wait to start choreographing.

Michael Dice Jr. is going to help pic show order. (Don't telll him though. You, and only you know this. It shall be a sweet surprise.)

-Top rock piece is going to be awesome.
-I need to get a *bloggin* camcorder.
-This show will look amazing. UPSTAGE AREA AT THE BEGINNING IS A MUST.
-I think TPC is the theme of this show. This may seem morbid butpain is everywhere and nobody seems to want to claim it. "This is the sound of what you don't know killing you. This is the sound of what you don't believe (still true.) This is the sound of what you don't want still in you..."
-"WHO WANTS TO BE AN ARTIST?" the newest hit show in a coffee shop near you.
-"Lazerfaces' Warning
-"Addicted to the groundwork| footwork, you're lovin it..." (cool calm pete)
-Oh, crap!! epiphany time!! just figured out "Intrigue in the House of India" Idea. (see line above.)
-okay so I have five songs so far for sure, and they are, in no particular order:

Tasmanian Pain Coaster
Run The Numbers
Intrigue in the House of India
Lazerfaces' Warning
Poisenville Kids/No Wins
Stepfather Factory

Okay, so that's not five but I just need to delude myself for a couple of weeks.

This is where I am.
Go El-p. Against the grain is changing the face.


Thursday, June 14, 2007

DDT...a blog too far

About to hit tech week (what?) for Tiger Prawn the mountain mover. Excited, Anxious, Pissed. c'est la guerre. So For now these blogs are a bother but I love y'all so I will stay with it.

DDT will open with Tasmanian Pain Coaster. I already have my idea down for that one and I shall "get by with a little help from my friends." HOT!

Finally got my touring schedule which means I got my conflicts down. looks like I won't be gone too many saturdays (that definitely hurt me during TP:MM) It will be interesting to see how I manage this rehearsal process differently.

There is a great song called "Worker Ant Uprise" I would like to revisit but can't since it is in Tiger Prawn. Gotta rediscover that "Little Johnny from the Hospital" Album.

Reconsidering what needs to happen with the Poisenville Kids/No Wins piece. I really enjoy what it could be but still am not seeing it.

Need to start planning how to use that upstage area (or is it worth it to try?) Should go for a visit soon.

What are they going to wear?

think I would like eleven sections in the show (arbitrary number I assure you. Nineteen is my number and I am not THAT much of a masochist)

Preshow and Intermission tracks will be hot (different)


Headed to meet with sarah. We need to move. Holla.

Thursday, June 7, 2007

Blog of Blogs.

I admittedly haven't thought about Daytrip much this week. Tiger Prawn Has taken up most of time. Here's the deal, though.

What can be gained (for both me and the dancers) from the screwy rehearsal process of Tiger Prawn?
What happens in a concert show that must be improved upon?
What can an audience handle?
What do I really want to say in this show? (I AM aware that this question has been proposed previously in the blog but I still must answer it.)
How will I make this show better than the previous two?
Rehearsal Schedule(?)
How long do I want this show to be?
Why do we not do rep shows all the time?
Am I good enough?

Sorry it's a ton of questions to myself this week. That is where I am.
Amp is on the way (nice!) finally can start trying to mix things.