Thursday, June 7, 2007

Blog of Blogs.

I admittedly haven't thought about Daytrip much this week. Tiger Prawn Has taken up most of time. Here's the deal, though.

What can be gained (for both me and the dancers) from the screwy rehearsal process of Tiger Prawn?
What happens in a concert show that must be improved upon?
What can an audience handle?
What do I really want to say in this show? (I AM aware that this question has been proposed previously in the blog but I still must answer it.)
How will I make this show better than the previous two?
Rehearsal Schedule(?)
How long do I want this show to be?
Why do we not do rep shows all the time?
Am I good enough?

Sorry it's a ton of questions to myself this week. That is where I am.
Amp is on the way (nice!) finally can start trying to mix things.


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