Thursday, May 31, 2007

The Blog of Frustration (@!*#!!)

So you may inquire where the other, earlier blog posts are.
Well through some fucked up process of dealing with email problems the blogger account has dissappeared. So I will be trying to salvage what I can of the old one through some creative use of google (though I hate them right now.)
Anyway, I'm gonna get to it before I pour bleach and battery acid over my keyboard.

(*still pissed off!!*)

-So I just had an amazing idea for daytrip. The song StePfAtHER fACtorY. Had something in mind bUT Now I have a way To gET it.
-Now that I have the perfect woMen's Piece (interlude or full length?) just need to start cReaTiNG.
-Definitely going to end the Show with Lazerfaces' Warning
-Remember to start listening to the HIGh WatEr SesSIoNs and CoLlectINg the KiD again. INTRigue in tHE hOUse Of India is a MUST.
-Purchasing an Amp Next Week. need a table within the next couple weeks as well. Probably start mixing and compiling for serious in mid june in my free time (HA!!)
-Remember: Video Tape!!

Tired and frustrated. Need rest but won't get it. Back to work. Gotta Get this Blog Caught up.


Thursday, May 24, 2007

Today is a bloggin lovely day

Forgive me for this "artsy" blog. So I'm shacked up in this hotel room outside of dc and JUST StarTED dANCING In front of the mirror SeeING where THE dAYtrip movement should come from. The only thiNG iCAN remember is speed. LOTS OF SPEED. Flailing my limbs about is fun and liberating and exhausting... all of those things I love and need in my life. I want to make sure this SHOW taps into my emotional side (one which I find hard to not analyze intellectually) and show all of the emotional aspects of my job, my personal life, my love life (or consistent lack there of. It's hard when caring about SOMEONE is always placed on the BACKBURNER after loving SOMETHING, i.e. my craft and ambitions to master it.) What will be FUN challenge is getting everyone to understand where my style of movement comes from. Don't get me wrong, on the surface it is obvious (bboy, capoeirista, ballet, yada yada yada...) but teaching other people how to do it is another. Transitions are important to me but often prove difficult since I am definitely a doter on moments that appeal to me. Smoothing out my love would better serve this show.

Things to remember~
Brian's solo with reinforcements
What will take the place of "High Resolution"?
Who put the bop in the bop-shoo-bop? (just checking if you're reaDING)
Will the ISWYD Instrumentals be available in time to edit some of the show?
How many Full cast pieces should there be? 4? 4's a good number.
Remember: Top Rock Lovers Who do Ballet
What can we actually do that no one else can do, physically?
Are we really a "trick" company anymore?
Rasperry Fields/ Battle for Asgard beat
Sweeps and reverse grinders and cOIN dROPS

I have a poster to edit do to some miscommunications with the DCA. gOTTA go.

quote for the night:

"Centerfold Dreams/ These lights can Unfold to Show you Such a beautiful thing/
Beautiful Thing/ Such a beautiful thing"
Lazerfaces Warning

Friday, May 18, 2007

What the Blog?!

So, It occurs to me that I have forgotten about the song "Intrigue in the House of India" from the High Water Sessions album. Brilliant Jazz Song!!!!!!! ALL CAPS. The rehearsal process for this show will be very different. none of the ... What I would Like to do is start choreographing and recording during the run of Tiger Prawn. That way, COM aUGUST AND sEPTEMBER, i CAn Just pump it out. and give it to these dancers. I fully intend to over choreograph this show. "Let us pray." That way ALL we have to do is trim the fat and put it in a tangible and evocative order. Gotta start planning this now.

The List
Intrigue in the House of India (By Myself?)
My OWN Soloo (Oh Shit!!) I THINK Dear Sirs is a good candidate. It is short enough to go "Balls out" but strong enough to leave an impact.
Boys piece. (When shall we be graced with more men?)
Ladies' Piece (El-P's music is definitely a man's world)
Lighting the second stage
My Bad-ass Idea for Preshow music (so hot!)
Lobby Display (Very Dark)

Toodles For Now. Enjoy the morning hours.

Thursday, May 3, 2007

So Brian's Solo is "finished" for now. can't wait...

So Brian's Solo is "finished" for now. can't wait to see how I work the intro for it as weel as the transition out of it. The song "Poisenville kids no wins" is awesome. Going to see EL-P in concert next week at the abbey pub. everyone should see it if you want to witness the future of hip hop.. It's Gonna be So Damn Hot.

List of things.
Still don't have a table or amp. Looking at alesis
Still contemplating the shoe situation.
Why have we become afraid of the canon?
Isolated sections for TPC?
WHAT about Legends from Funcrusher Plus?
Lune TNS?
Remember: Duel for Delorean ( 4 and 4?)
Whatever shall they wear?
To whom is this show catering?
The time is now.

All in all, I'm f*in stoked

Today's quote:
"El-Producto's sorta strange/ They say "He's staring/ long range/
Perhaps he's looking past us all with his thousand yard gaze"