Thursday, May 3, 2007

So Brian's Solo is "finished" for now. can't wait...

So Brian's Solo is "finished" for now. can't wait to see how I work the intro for it as weel as the transition out of it. The song "Poisenville kids no wins" is awesome. Going to see EL-P in concert next week at the abbey pub. everyone should see it if you want to witness the future of hip hop.. It's Gonna be So Damn Hot.

List of things.
Still don't have a table or amp. Looking at alesis
Still contemplating the shoe situation.
Why have we become afraid of the canon?
Isolated sections for TPC?
WHAT about Legends from Funcrusher Plus?
Lune TNS?
Remember: Duel for Delorean ( 4 and 4?)
Whatever shall they wear?
To whom is this show catering?
The time is now.

All in all, I'm f*in stoked

Today's quote:
"El-Producto's sorta strange/ They say "He's staring/ long range/
Perhaps he's looking past us all with his thousand yard gaze"


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