Thursday, May 31, 2007

The Blog of Frustration (@!*#!!)

So you may inquire where the other, earlier blog posts are.
Well through some fucked up process of dealing with email problems the blogger account has dissappeared. So I will be trying to salvage what I can of the old one through some creative use of google (though I hate them right now.)
Anyway, I'm gonna get to it before I pour bleach and battery acid over my keyboard.

(*still pissed off!!*)

-So I just had an amazing idea for daytrip. The song StePfAtHER fACtorY. Had something in mind bUT Now I have a way To gET it.
-Now that I have the perfect woMen's Piece (interlude or full length?) just need to start cReaTiNG.
-Definitely going to end the Show with Lazerfaces' Warning
-Remember to start listening to the HIGh WatEr SesSIoNs and CoLlectINg the KiD again. INTRigue in tHE hOUse Of India is a MUST.
-Purchasing an Amp Next Week. need a table within the next couple weeks as well. Probably start mixing and compiling for serious in mid june in my free time (HA!!)
-Remember: Video Tape!!

Tired and frustrated. Need rest but won't get it. Back to work. Gotta Get this Blog Caught up.


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