Thursday, August 30, 2007

Here We Go...

So.. Had a good rehearsal today working Intrigue... Still need to pace it the way I want to place it. Feeling a little fucking nervous about it to tell you the truth. Feeling nervous about everything. I'm pretty close to on schedule but that means nothing. It doesn't pop yet. Not enough sexy.

Had a Fantastic meeting with our Costume coordinator Shannon after rehearsal, though, we are definitely on the same page. The gear for this show is gonna be so sexy. especially for the ladies. And I don't mean dirty/filthy; I mean sexy.

Gotta mix music this week.

Need to set up a meeting with Nick about his lighting Ideas. I know he's got some stuff cooking so I want to pick his brain like a preschooler's nose.

We gotta figure out this shoe situation soon. If we do it the show will be even sicker. I wanna go straight "Tougher Than Leather" on this one. B-Boy sexy. Now Shannon's just gotta bring it home. (Bring it home, Shannon!!)

Micheal Dice Junior's First Act Show Order and Important Elements:

TPC- Costumes, Lights, Movement
Intrigue- Sex, Movement
No Kings- Attitude, Estrogen, Movement
Raspberry Fields-Estrogen Adrenaline, Endorphines, Movement
TOJ-Boredom, Anxiety, Apathy, Anger, Lights
Telemundo-Swagger, Punkassedness (his words, not mine)

That's it for tonight kiddies. It's Poster time now.

Thursday, August 23, 2007

The Long Blog home

Alright. Back to work. Touring. Was supposed to perform tonight but the first airline I was booked on cancelled my flight. the second airline that I switched to was delayed by weather FOR 3 HOURS. then the pilots had to be switched so tack on another hour. then the flight computer went all haywire (That's right: add another hour.) follow that up with sitting in line behind 37 other planes and a flight from NYC to Syracuse originally scheduled for 45 minutes lasted from 1220 in the afternoon until 930. DIDN'T GET TO PERFORM AND MISSED WINE COUNTRY.

Nevertheless, rehearsal went on, as scheduled, without my presence. Apparently Chris courtney kicked ass teaching the first half of Truancy. I will work with him again next thursday when I get home and work on the second section. of the song. Just want him to make it super tight with the other ladies while I'm gone.

Jim is coming in saturday to start on TPC. Can't wait for that one. It is gonna be so hot. He's excited as well. Really frantic denergy and giving something to Sarah W. on this one will rock.

Shannon and I discussed costumes Today. So sexy. So sexy. Very Catholic Bronx meets Harazuku (just learning about this place; look it up)

Jessica is going to add on with what she learned on monday at saturdays rehearsal. Second part of Lazerfaces' Warning

Intrigue in the House of India will be sexy once it's finished. Got some crazy partnering ideas for when I come home next thursday.

So tired. Three shows tomorrow and a day at the airport means this Hotel bed is calling me.

Stay up

Thursday, August 16, 2007

A Blog for the Road...

So. This show is super meaty. Lots of stuff to discover. Finished (save for the ending) Laura's part in Stepfather Factory. (She'll rock!!) Worked with Brian on Poisenville Kids.... Also taught some new stuff to Courtney. He will teach a lot fo Truancy while I am on the road. He probably knows it better than I do. Also cranked out a huge chunk of Intrigue... During the last two rehearsals. Like it but don't love it right now, you know what I'm sayin? Will be on the hunt for some good ole storytellin ideas tomorrow durin "me time". I'm scheduled to finish Run the Numbers on saturday and that will be a huge weight off my shoulders. Another BEAST. Jimmy's been working hard with me on TPC and by all accounts it will be hot. A little down so I don't have much clever stuff for you tonight.

Thing I will do in the next 4 days.
Plan for Intrigue... and Run the Numbers

Announce some very bad news
Rehearse til I vomit

Rehearse No Kings with the ladies
Work on TPC with Jim
Condition with SWink

Meet with Laura

I need to go. Things are bad right now. Sorry

Thursday, August 9, 2007

A Blog Begins... Sorry. A Blog Contiues

It's August. Only Two Months Until Showtime.

The intense group choreography for Run The Numbers is Finished. Just have to teach it to everyone and finish the spacing of things. Also gotta pick the big finisher for when the beat changes at the end. Choices, Choices. Also got a ton of stuff to get accomplished in the next week in preparation for tour starting on September 21st in New York. Teaching the first verse of Lazerfaces' Warning tonight. If I can get the chorus done as well that would be awesome. Also the first day with everybody in rehearsal. That'll be hot. Courtney has been learning Truancy which is mentally difficult. That one will definitely be a problem.

Things to do is boring me. This is a list of people I need to work with this next week and a half.

Got a ton of pieces to hammer out. Also have to:
Re-edit Lazerfaces' Warning
Trim down Delorean
Cut Intrigue in the House of India
Definitely need to set a game plan for Intrigue... for Saturday. It's gonna be a sexy beast
Wanna start Get Your Hand Off My Shoulder, Pig next week as well. Should be fun. Sexier than Intrigue..., that's for sure.

That's all for now. Gotta go rehearse.


Thursday, August 2, 2007

Blog in Production Mode

So rehearsal has officially started. Last Saturday we knocked out the unison stuff of Rum the Numbers. The only stuff left is to organize the groupings and create strong stage pictures on the "Na-na-na-na-na-na-na" parts and the breakdown at the end.

Started Mixing Lazerfaces' Warning. I'm bouncing between the original and the RJD2 mix.
Almost done with Laura's stuff for Stepfather Factory. She's got about 8 eights left for her.
Also about 12 eights from finishing No Kings. It'll be real hot once the girls get it.
Also about halfway through the first verse of Lazerfaces' Warning. Gotta set it on the company Next Thursday.
Brian Led Rehearsal today, teaching the newbies and absentees the Run The Numbers stuff. Can't wait to have everyone and place them.
Gotta get past halfway with Courtney next week on Truancy. Circle Jerk!!
Auditions went wonderfully. found three potential rock stars. All welcome Sarah Winkler to DDT. She's fierce.

Well, Headed to Michigan to work with Catharsis Productions.
Here's the punchlist
-Work on Poster
-Finalize Rehearsal Schedule
-Finalize Cast
-Intrigue in the House of India (music edit and movement)
-Finish up Laura's Stepfather Factory stuff
-Teach ladies the rest of No Kings
-Start Working with Jim on TPC
-Work Get Your Hand Off My Shoulder, Pig... partnering with Jessica

Gotta go memorize,
One Love