Thursday, August 16, 2007

A Blog for the Road...

So. This show is super meaty. Lots of stuff to discover. Finished (save for the ending) Laura's part in Stepfather Factory. (She'll rock!!) Worked with Brian on Poisenville Kids.... Also taught some new stuff to Courtney. He will teach a lot fo Truancy while I am on the road. He probably knows it better than I do. Also cranked out a huge chunk of Intrigue... During the last two rehearsals. Like it but don't love it right now, you know what I'm sayin? Will be on the hunt for some good ole storytellin ideas tomorrow durin "me time". I'm scheduled to finish Run the Numbers on saturday and that will be a huge weight off my shoulders. Another BEAST. Jimmy's been working hard with me on TPC and by all accounts it will be hot. A little down so I don't have much clever stuff for you tonight.

Thing I will do in the next 4 days.
Plan for Intrigue... and Run the Numbers

Announce some very bad news
Rehearse til I vomit

Rehearse No Kings with the ladies
Work on TPC with Jim
Condition with SWink

Meet with Laura

I need to go. Things are bad right now. Sorry

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