Thursday, August 23, 2007

The Long Blog home

Alright. Back to work. Touring. Was supposed to perform tonight but the first airline I was booked on cancelled my flight. the second airline that I switched to was delayed by weather FOR 3 HOURS. then the pilots had to be switched so tack on another hour. then the flight computer went all haywire (That's right: add another hour.) follow that up with sitting in line behind 37 other planes and a flight from NYC to Syracuse originally scheduled for 45 minutes lasted from 1220 in the afternoon until 930. DIDN'T GET TO PERFORM AND MISSED WINE COUNTRY.

Nevertheless, rehearsal went on, as scheduled, without my presence. Apparently Chris courtney kicked ass teaching the first half of Truancy. I will work with him again next thursday when I get home and work on the second section. of the song. Just want him to make it super tight with the other ladies while I'm gone.

Jim is coming in saturday to start on TPC. Can't wait for that one. It is gonna be so hot. He's excited as well. Really frantic denergy and giving something to Sarah W. on this one will rock.

Shannon and I discussed costumes Today. So sexy. So sexy. Very Catholic Bronx meets Harazuku (just learning about this place; look it up)

Jessica is going to add on with what she learned on monday at saturdays rehearsal. Second part of Lazerfaces' Warning

Intrigue in the House of India will be sexy once it's finished. Got some crazy partnering ideas for when I come home next thursday.

So tired. Three shows tomorrow and a day at the airport means this Hotel bed is calling me.

Stay up

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