Thursday, August 2, 2007

Blog in Production Mode

So rehearsal has officially started. Last Saturday we knocked out the unison stuff of Rum the Numbers. The only stuff left is to organize the groupings and create strong stage pictures on the "Na-na-na-na-na-na-na" parts and the breakdown at the end.

Started Mixing Lazerfaces' Warning. I'm bouncing between the original and the RJD2 mix.
Almost done with Laura's stuff for Stepfather Factory. She's got about 8 eights left for her.
Also about 12 eights from finishing No Kings. It'll be real hot once the girls get it.
Also about halfway through the first verse of Lazerfaces' Warning. Gotta set it on the company Next Thursday.
Brian Led Rehearsal today, teaching the newbies and absentees the Run The Numbers stuff. Can't wait to have everyone and place them.
Gotta get past halfway with Courtney next week on Truancy. Circle Jerk!!
Auditions went wonderfully. found three potential rock stars. All welcome Sarah Winkler to DDT. She's fierce.

Well, Headed to Michigan to work with Catharsis Productions.
Here's the punchlist
-Work on Poster
-Finalize Rehearsal Schedule
-Finalize Cast
-Intrigue in the House of India (music edit and movement)
-Finish up Laura's Stepfather Factory stuff
-Teach ladies the rest of No Kings
-Start Working with Jim on TPC
-Work Get Your Hand Off My Shoulder, Pig... partnering with Jessica

Gotta go memorize,
One Love

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