Thursday, July 26, 2007

The Blog Before the day before it REALLY starts

Did a quick inventory of what I needed to accomplish in the rehearsal process versus what has already been done. Realized I was more on track than the amount for which I had given myself credit.

A list of sections previously choreographed before Tiger Prawn:
Brian's Solo
TOJ (though this will be revamped in a major way)
A lsit of what I've been working on since the second week of TP:
Run the Numbers (Group sections finished)
Lazerfaces' Warning
Stepfather Factory (about One verse done)
No Kings
Things to be accomplished tomorrow:
Start Truancy with Courtney (Can we get half done?)
Finish No Kings With Sarah (Finish and run run run!)
Stepfather Factory with Laura

Gotta get this class situation together.
Saturday will be a big one.

Already super amped to lay down the group stuff tomorrow and just want to make sure it's super super sexy.

Got costume stuff to get as well. If you knew me back in high school (Gordon tech) you would know the look I want. Then, in the second half everything goes crazy.

"Look her come the scientists!
Here they come to cure us all/
Mind is on your money sonny/
Brain is on the curtain/
Give the kid a sack of D/ Pass the child a bag of C
Even in the tenement residence there's a pharmacy

No Kings
From I'll Sleep When Your Dead

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