Thursday, July 19, 2007

The Time is Now. Blog Yourself in the Movement!!

The Show was over almost a week ago and is just beginning again. Run The Numbers is finished as far as choreographing the verses is concerned. Will try to crank that out on saturday next. Started working with Sarah on the first half of the Women's piece (No Kings) and got about a third of the way through. will try to finish that section tomorrow. They're gonna look so sexy... like evolved sexy. ;) (YES THAT WAS AN EMOTICON.) It's a toprock /uprock section (look it up! Yeah, Wikepedia)
Also started working on Stepfather Factory with Laura. Also sexy. It's a Robot/Animation/Popping section. Probably a Quartet. It is definitely awkward, initially, on a ballet dancer but the limbs are right. The devil's in the details. Definitely want to start Truancy with Courtney on tuesday and start Lazerfaces' Warning on Wednesday. If Sarah and I could hit the mid point of the Second Women's section (Raspberry Fields) Next week I'll Be Happy.

Things to consider:
Duet. Who? What Song?
Telemundo Editing
TOJ. what shall be done? New thirds chorus indeed.
Class structure. Figure it out next week.
Auditions. What are we looking for?
Delorean. Why Not.
Let's get THIS DOWN ROCK STUFF Tight as hell!!!!!

Time to go.
I got music to edit and research to do. Holla!!

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