Thursday, July 12, 2007

Blog of the last week before the first day of the rest of my life

So Tiger Prawn Closes this weekend. Reviews have been mostly good. Whatev. I will frame them all no matter what. On to daytrip!! No... Sleep... TILL BROOKLYN!!! There are many things to talk about. Choreographed some meaty stuff on Saturday of last to Run The Numbers. So Blogging Fast!! I only got about half of it done and I was exhausted. I gotta tape and finish it on saturday and start on the next section on Monday with sarah. Next up: No Kings I think. Girls section. gotta be hard. I will keep the super-sexy for the coed stuff. That's what the people want to see. Just saw Live Free or Die Hard. Movie was awesome as *Blog*. Nonetheless. Would also like to get back to Brian's choreography. also want to hit Truancy with Courtney I think. that should be enough to keep me going and roughly sane.

Things for the week:
-partnering section. Four people. three dudes and a chick (perfect numbers!!) Which song? Get your Hand Off My Shoulder Pig? YEAH!!
-Lazerfaces' footwork (Study!Study!!Study!!!) Also. Want pulsating light to end it. Remember this: It's huge!!
-Who gets Stepfather Factory?
-Gotta finish TPC before I leave for the road. Can't wait.
-Gotta balance out this music. Not enough of the melodic stuff for me.
so far:
TRUANCY (Hippity Hop)
TPC (tripped out)
Lazerfaces' Warning (Hip Hop)
Run the Numbers (Hip Hop)
Get Your Hand off my Shoulder Pig (Jazz)
Stepfather Factory (Hip Hop)
Intrigue in the House of India (Jazz)
TOJ (???)
No Kings (Old School)
Rasperry Fields (Hip-Hop)

Gotta get Telemundo in there!! Definitely gotta edit the *Blog* outta that one.

That's it.

Read Carter Beats the Devil. Fantastic. See Transformers.
Rushing to beat a deadline.

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