Thursday, August 30, 2007

Here We Go...

So.. Had a good rehearsal today working Intrigue... Still need to pace it the way I want to place it. Feeling a little fucking nervous about it to tell you the truth. Feeling nervous about everything. I'm pretty close to on schedule but that means nothing. It doesn't pop yet. Not enough sexy.

Had a Fantastic meeting with our Costume coordinator Shannon after rehearsal, though, we are definitely on the same page. The gear for this show is gonna be so sexy. especially for the ladies. And I don't mean dirty/filthy; I mean sexy.

Gotta mix music this week.

Need to set up a meeting with Nick about his lighting Ideas. I know he's got some stuff cooking so I want to pick his brain like a preschooler's nose.

We gotta figure out this shoe situation soon. If we do it the show will be even sicker. I wanna go straight "Tougher Than Leather" on this one. B-Boy sexy. Now Shannon's just gotta bring it home. (Bring it home, Shannon!!)

Micheal Dice Junior's First Act Show Order and Important Elements:

TPC- Costumes, Lights, Movement
Intrigue- Sex, Movement
No Kings- Attitude, Estrogen, Movement
Raspberry Fields-Estrogen Adrenaline, Endorphines, Movement
TOJ-Boredom, Anxiety, Apathy, Anger, Lights
Telemundo-Swagger, Punkassedness (his words, not mine)

That's it for tonight kiddies. It's Poster time now.

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