Thursday, September 6, 2007

Blog from Cornell University

"Tonight... Is your night, bro!!"
Danny Devito, Twins,

Just wrapped two shows at Cornell. In my absence, jessica Deahr taught No King for me (there are only 6 eights missing!) It's gonna be sick. sending the poster to rissa tonight for suggestions. should be tight. Since last I spoke at you I realize how much work there is to do. I will definitely be crunching numbers once I see where we are on saturday. Our first stumble through of any sort.

Pressures on Shannon to get this adidas thing working. It has to happen. Must have some funky kicks for this show. Gotta Happen. Shell toes would be perfect throwbacks. Finally thinking in a level-headed way about this show. sorry if I don't make sense. Exhausted. Just ordered the preshow, intermission, and post-show music for This beast. had almost forgotten. Two cds down and 1 to go.

Too many irons in the fire right now. How are we going to make these shoes work? gotta start shopping this next week for accessorizing ideas.

Gotta finish this music editing. Much more difficult than I thought.

I really just want to know if there is a way to backlight the raised proscenium at Page's. A couple "scoops" would get me hot. Definietly want a bright near-death experience look in the opening. we'll talk production stuff this weekend.
Also want to know if we can flicker the lights a little bit. (Nick: what say you?) I would really like to have one lighting look that had a flourescent feel to it. It will work with the costumes nicely.

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