Thursday, September 20, 2007

An Almost Autumn Blog...

So I'm sitting at the bar drinkin... Little drunk. I love the dancers we have. The talent we have is un paralled. Working with them has been a total joy. Vivian's extension makes me sick. Jessica's memory is disgusting. Laura is you but the potential and thought she puts in is crazy. Courtney is the man. Brian's talent is monstrous. Nebi's killin. Sarah is the one chick I never want to stare down... INTENSE. Lyndsey is hurt. Send her your love. Managed to get about 4:30 of Get Your Hand Off My Shoulder, Pig done. Way better than expected. We finish TPC on saturday. Also Truancy WILL be done.

So the first act is pretty much mixed in beta test form. The second act is almost there. I'll probably finish it tomorrow. Shannons rockin on the costumes. The plaid skirts have been ordered. SEXY!!
-Nick's got the scoops for TPC. and Lazerfaces' . So hot. you will see.
-Nick and I also decided upon program pics.
-Trying to get laid: We all do it. (sorry: anebriate)
-What's up with sponsorships?
-So. While I was editing music and used a lot of CoFlow stuff to fill some silences. Sure it's not JUST EL-P BUT it's SO tight!! Have you bought any of his music yet? what are you waiting for?
- Choreographing my 1:33 solo next week. I plan to go BALLS TO THE WALL.

gotta go. I'm pretty wasted. I love everyone.

El Jefe

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