Thursday, September 27, 2007

Less than a MONTH, to go.

So... Been travelling and rehearsing here pretty heavily. Almost died falling asleep at the wheel early yesterday morning. The show is still so patchy. A lot of stuff to do yet. At the same time I am moving this weekend and KTF runs next weekend. No rest for the weary. I am exhausted. I might not make much sense.

-Nick and I will meet again next week to stay on the same page. I have some wicked ideas about Stepfather factory and want to make sure he know them.
-Still have tons of editing to do on the soundtrack of the show. The "NO NEW CHOREGRAPHY" deadline is this saturday but I won't make it. THIS IS A HARD SHOW!
-Did a phone interview for Newcity times. It went wonderfully. the interviewer was great to talk to. want you all to read it so I'll the come accross for assistance.!!@ Don't remember what point I was making... I want to sleep!! is that allowed?
- Through the miracles of modern technology, the amazing DMX growl is in the show for a moment. I will pay
any audience member 50 dollars if they can find the BJORK bit I added to a song. I mean it. See yo after the show.
-this costume thing is getting a little scary with all the thigs left to be ordered.
-What a twisted show. Gotta finsh Telemundo BECAUSE it is so hot I can't stand it. I am chomping at ther bit for that one. (i really don't know where my friends *something* is.

I can't type anymore. I will add more thoughts tomorrow. My eyes are drooping and this is not pleading a good case for my sanity.

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