Friday, May 18, 2007

What the Blog?!

So, It occurs to me that I have forgotten about the song "Intrigue in the House of India" from the High Water Sessions album. Brilliant Jazz Song!!!!!!! ALL CAPS. The rehearsal process for this show will be very different. none of the ... What I would Like to do is start choreographing and recording during the run of Tiger Prawn. That way, COM aUGUST AND sEPTEMBER, i CAn Just pump it out. and give it to these dancers. I fully intend to over choreograph this show. "Let us pray." That way ALL we have to do is trim the fat and put it in a tangible and evocative order. Gotta start planning this now.

The List
Intrigue in the House of India (By Myself?)
My OWN Soloo (Oh Shit!!) I THINK Dear Sirs is a good candidate. It is short enough to go "Balls out" but strong enough to leave an impact.
Boys piece. (When shall we be graced with more men?)
Ladies' Piece (El-P's music is definitely a man's world)
Lighting the second stage
My Bad-ass Idea for Preshow music (so hot!)
Lobby Display (Very Dark)

Toodles For Now. Enjoy the morning hours.

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