Thursday, June 14, 2007

DDT...a blog too far

About to hit tech week (what?) for Tiger Prawn the mountain mover. Excited, Anxious, Pissed. c'est la guerre. So For now these blogs are a bother but I love y'all so I will stay with it.

DDT will open with Tasmanian Pain Coaster. I already have my idea down for that one and I shall "get by with a little help from my friends." HOT!

Finally got my touring schedule which means I got my conflicts down. looks like I won't be gone too many saturdays (that definitely hurt me during TP:MM) It will be interesting to see how I manage this rehearsal process differently.

There is a great song called "Worker Ant Uprise" I would like to revisit but can't since it is in Tiger Prawn. Gotta rediscover that "Little Johnny from the Hospital" Album.

Reconsidering what needs to happen with the Poisenville Kids/No Wins piece. I really enjoy what it could be but still am not seeing it.

Need to start planning how to use that upstage area (or is it worth it to try?) Should go for a visit soon.

What are they going to wear?

think I would like eleven sections in the show (arbitrary number I assure you. Nineteen is my number and I am not THAT much of a masochist)

Preshow and Intermission tracks will be hot (different)


Headed to meet with sarah. We need to move. Holla.

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