Thursday, November 2, 2006

Blog the second!!!

This Week won't die!!!!! I spent the first half of the week in Tampa at a conference on sexual assault education with my colleagues from Sex Signals. Got back at around eleven thirty to wake up the next day for voice over coaching a nd Rehearse after that. I am Wiped. Like Crazy Wiped. Forgive me if I don't make much sense. I am now aware that this blogging thing will be more difficult than previously considered. fatigue and travel can make it hard to sit still and organize my thoughts. FUDGE, This is gonna suck

Show will be super-hot. I can actually see it in my head. The problems stem from getting a group of performers invested in a new way of moving.
Also, I really want some creative ways to use the space. There are more options than we think.
Things to remember:
I do REALLY want to mix the sound by hand. Got most of his stuff on vinyl, including the High Water Sessions.
No amp for these tables though... Hell, there's no table for these tables.
Gotta get on that.
What is this show gonna be about? I know it's my show but I should definitely figure that out for myself.
Is everyone up to learning hip hop movement?
Definitely wanna do some stuff from FanDam but wondering if anything new will come along. It's been quite a while since He's done his thing. There is a buzz about him dropping a new one but that's just a buzz.

That's All I gots. Need sleep.

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