Thursday, November 30, 2006


There is a lot of heat that is being spread around these parts these days: a scattering of focus and low-level hum. This Always Disturbs me. With the Dummy show there are few things that should be in doubt (not to say that people are doubting the show. It is THE AFTER that is disturbing. When we are preparing for a CONCERT show the music is EVErytHING. tHE THUMP OF bASS. the reverb of certain sonG. The Way the pIECE oPENS. tHE ENERGY is Never in question. I listen to El-P everyday and the interestiing thing about HIS sound is that hE never deviates from convincing THE listener thaT the Point he is MaKing is DEarest to His Heart at the TiME! What is nearest and dearest to me is proving that dance has the potential to change peoples lives--to show that thed possibilities are closer to endless than one might think. I want that energy in DESTRUCTIBLEDAYTRIP--NOTHING LESS WILL BE SETTLED FOR. I LIKE TO SAY THAT I CARE AND I DO. THIS HAS TO BE THE SHOW THAT PROVES WE ALL DO!! THIS SHOW MUST CHANGE THE WORLD. BUT FIRST I NEED A *BLOGGIN* TABLE.

tHINGS i also Need:

A new Brain
An amp
A single red pill
the answers to this upcoming test
I love so much about El-p that I need to step back and find what is "most accessible to others in his music.
More of the instrumentals (am I missing any?)
To find out if he plans to put out a solo album anytime soon.
dECIDE WHAT This show will be about.

Ciao for now. gOTTA GET TO BED.

PS If I haven't slept yet it is still the same day. Keep that in mind.

One love. Kyle

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