Thursday, October 18, 2007

Anger about what women will do to a man (and, obviously, how it effects this show!)

So, we're a week out!!! I am nervous as hell. there is still so much to do. We ran the show (most of it, that is) tonight and it looks good. It WILL BE GORGEOUS!! I know that now. My tolerance and patience and energy is low but it always is. Saturday will be extrremely fruitful. My back doesn't hurt anymore. I through it out doing a simple demonstrative forward roll while rehearsing with Vivian and have been popping Vicatin ever since. Things are rough right now. The costume situation is killing me. Nic and Corrie aren't talking... AGAIN. Marissa keeps pushing my buttons... big woop. Dice calls me too much; Mark is on some weird vegetarian trip (if god didn't want us to eat animals, then everything good wouldn't taste like chicken); and I can barely feel my legs at time. Also, no tech period would be complete without the puking coming back. I also can barely see the show anymore. Ihave gone through this stuff so many times that it all looks like a simple, simple piece. I hate not seeing the big picture like a audience member. After all, that's my job right?

Clearly, this super

super short

rehearsal period is effecting everyone.

who cares?!

let's just get this work done so I can sleep a nd watch football in november. I know that the first part of this blog is boring. If you want to read the drunken, ill-structured rants you should read the end of it.

Wish List:
-Everybody shut the hell up
-That people show up to work like it's work!!
-To not be so self-concious
-to have one good night of sfga;hhhhhhhklllllllllllllll (sorry: fell asleep again)
-a damn assistant

tells to be done to articulate,

Number 1: Women are ridiculously beautiful.

We all know this is true. Whether you be straight, gay, bisexual, a eunuch, one must appreciate the female form. Why does this become a problem in DDT, you ask? Because there is so much more to beauty than the aesthetic value of the physical form. This is a show about aggression. I am still not seeing it. Clearly, dance crash has been built on the strength of its men and rightfully so, but the women we have now are captivating. it is insanely frustrating to not see the attack, though. Saw glimpses from Laura today which has been missing for quite a while. I can only imagine how wonderful she would be at this point if she didn't wait so long to show it.

Number 2: Women are ridiculously skilled at making question my own decisions and perceptions on life

Why the hell is it so hard to be confident around them? I spent the last several hours with the male staff just pondering the universe and the consistent topic was chicks.

Where the hell am I???

There is nothing like a woman ever so delicately suggesting that the choice you have made might not be the best and the highlight of the exchange is the freakishly short amount of time it takes to reevaluate every choice you've made since the last time you went through a drive-thru. This show is meant to reallly highlight that. Will we accomplish the mammoth task of changing people's perceptions on dance? No. Can we potentially change their perceptions on dancers? Perhaps. I feel that an important notion to comfront is the idea that women are ALWAYS soft. NOT TRUE!! We are definitely going to show a harder edge from the women if I have to kill myself to get it out of them.

I have more to say but this blog is too long. 7 days!!


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