Thursday, October 4, 2007

Oh *BLOG*, It's October!!

So damn!! The Month of my reckoning is here. The show is incredibly disjointed at this point!! It's incredibly stressful at this point: putting a show together after two months of rehearsal time (at least half of the dance norm, considering this is an almost completely new work, save for TOJ, which isn't finished.) We keep knocking out more and more choreography which has not helped anyone's brain power. I can't remember anything anyway so piling more and more choreography into my head is certainly not helping me to remember old stuff. Damn, I don't even know where my keys are.

-We finally got a decent costume fitting in today. Got shirts on everyone but Vivian's costume steals the show. The vest is super tight but super cute. Can't wait to see it come together. We're waiting to see about the shoe Hook-up I'm trying to get.
-Gotta finish editing that second act tomorrow (when? I don't know.)
-Also met with Nicky on monday. definitely on the same page and talked about the lighting for Stepfather Factory which will be a little crazy... then again the whole show is crazy. Nick's trying to get us some strobes.
-gonna put the finishing strokes on Act One this saturday. Can't wait. it's all finishing touches and transitions that are killing me right now.
-so tired.
-We've been spending a lot of time on Telemundo and raspberry fields recently and they are definitely looking good. gonna be sick as hell. The girls look fierce. let's hope we can keep it together. and make some magic finally happen after collecting all these reall fancy cuffs and tails and stuffing rabits in our top hats.

-Sorry if these are getting boring. just need to keep plugging away. It's definitely not a romantic point of the process right now. Deadlines always loom large and we are alway behind schedule. It is the nature of the beast. gotta start plugging my solo into the mix next week. gonna be an INSANE show.

-Did an interview with Debbie Goldgaber from NewCity Chicago. Should be a good right up. Look for it in the next two weeks. gonna be hot!!

Going to go to "bed". can't really call it that since it is loaded with clothing and boxes from moving this weekend. See Y'all tomorrow at KTF!!


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jimmoore said...

If Redmoon's show doesn't extend, I'll have my strobe back next week. If that's the case, you're free to use it.